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Madam Mysteria wanted to correct this slave and she had to do it in a way that would be remembered for a long time. That is why she went out of her way to do it with her wrestling fetish. She did not want it to be something that would be forgotten in a few days and it was a lot of fun for the mistress as she did it.

Mistress Dula and her friends wanted to degrade and that is exactly what they did to this loser. He had been a pain in the ass for her and he had to face the music. The mistresses forced the guy to wrestle them and it was fun for all of them other than him. He was in pain as they choked, trampled, kicked and stomped on him. He could not do much about it.

Madam Mysteria wanted to humiliate this guy and she chose to do it in a way the guy would not forget. She chose to arm wrestle him. The guy agreed thinking it would be a walk in the park for him. But it was not and he was humiliated as well as degraded by what happened. She defeated him and she laughed at him as well as made him do some humiliating things like kiss and lick her biceps.

This guy was intolerant and mistress Dula did not want to have to deal with him. She felt that she was better off dealing with someone who did not bring her a lot of drama and who was tolerant. She asked her friend to help her wrestle and dominate the tattooed guy and they beat the shit out of him and sent a warning that he was to stop his intolerance.

Mistress Suzy wanted to choke this guy because he was a liar. She did not want to be a victim of his lies anymore and since she had had enough, she had to make sure that she humiliated him so that he never did it again. The mistress chose to spit into his mouth and to use her leg scissor skills to drive some sense into his head. He agreed never to lie.

Madam Mysteria is a bold girl. She loves to try all kinds of things and today she felt that she had to try something she had never tried out before. That is why she chose to wrestle this guy because she was bored. The guy did not see it coming and he thought that he would beat her easily. That is why it came as a shock when she beat his ass and she had fun making him beg her to stop.

Madame Eva needed to find a way to send a message to this guy and she did it with her wrestling fetish. The mistress did not want to let the guy think that he could get away with whatever he wanted or that he could ignore her and her instructions. The message had to be firm and painful and that is why she wrestled him and beat his ass in the process.

This guy was a bully and he was used to bullying people and getting his way all the time. But the mistress chose to do it the way she wanted. The mistress used her choke hold as well as other moves to disarm him and to defeat him. He was ashamed that he was being beaten by a girl and he had to beg her for mercy. He agreed to stop bullying and asked her not to tell people that she had beaten him.

This mistress was not messing around when she decided to wrestle this guy. She had to make sure that it all went her way and that is why she chose to use her wrestling fetish to dominate him. He did not see it coming as he did not believe that a girl could beat him. But he did and he was humiliated and in pain as he had to beg her to stop choking him.

This goddess knew very well that she needed to dominate this guy and she had been looking forward to that day. The mistress had to ensure that everything went her way and that is why she opted to dominate the guy with her choke hold and her martial arts. The mistress wrestled him and shocked him when she won the duel they had been having. He wished he had never messed with her.

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